Zefir7: Team Thursday

Dyslectic Diagonals

Thursday 15 February 2018, 20:30 hrs
(doors open: 20 hrs)
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Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Language spoken: English
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Zefir7 is the Monthly Designers Café at Stroom Den Haag i.c.w. BNO Kring Groot Den Haag.

This time the presentation Dyslectic Diagonals by Team Thursday (Loes van Esch and Simone Trum), Thomas Trum and Koen Taselaar.

LEST (1)
TGIM (2)
TTHQ (3)
TENT (4)
MMCA (5)
STKT (6)
STTT (7)

(1) Loes van Esch and Simone Trum (founders and CEO's of Team Thursday (TT))

(2) Thank God it's Monday

(3) Team Thursday Head Quarters (the name TT give their studio annex exhibition space) (tip for TT: call an exhibition at your space TTTT)

(4) TENT platform for contemporary art, Rotterdam (one of the clients of TT)

(5) MMCA Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (TT had a residency here)

(6) STKT Simone Trum Koen Taselaar (Koen is the husband of Simone and came up with the term DREARY DREADFUL DIAGONALS DYSLECTIC DANDIES)

(7) STTT Simone Trum + Thom


Screenshot from teaser by Danicha Leliveld
Group portrait of our Zefir7 guests
Spatial pattern installation by Team Thursday
Paintings by Thomas Trum