The Knight’s Move: Joris Landman (in Amsterdam)

Wednesday 23 November 2016, 20 hrs
(doors open: 19.30 hrs)
Location: De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam
Language spoken: English

Moderator: Sietske Roorda

On the surface the teapot seems to be a functional object. However, since the 1950s it has come to symbolise the precarious balance between reality and belief. In his article "Is there a God?", thinker and scientist Bertrand Russell famously compared the belief in God to the belief in a teapot orbiting the sun. Russell used the teapot to approach the reasoning behind agnosticism and atheism. If it is impossible to disprove the claim, therefore it must be true?

The image of a Celestial Teapot has since moved from literature to online visual canon, jumping through culture in unexpected and often entertaining ways. For his lecture, graphic designer Joris Landman will specifically be speaking about his own Celestial Teapot Project in which he traces the trajectory of this iconic teapot, and you will see some of the new and unexpected meanings that the teapot archetype has acquired over the past decades.

Joris Landman is a graphic designer and co-founder of Harris Blondman. In various collaborations, he works on projects and research in the fields of art and design, with a focus on digital media and culture. With his projects, Landman investigates how individuals and communities store meaning, identity, and knowledge in stories, images, and technology.


The Knight's Move
The Knight's Move is a series of lectures by eminent international speakers who stand out by their unusual, enlightening and inspirational visions concerning the city, urbanity, the public domain, and community. Just as the knight moves in an atypical and unusual way across the chessboard, The Knight's Move likewise wants to cut across all disciplines and thus stimulate rethinking the city.

The Knight's Move is an initiative by Stroom Den Haag and currently organized in collaboration with The Hague International Center for Civic Hacks, het Nationale Toneel & Babel and LAPS Amsterdam and made possible in part by the Haagse Bluf Fonds (via Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds) and The City of The Hague.

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Joris Landman