Stroom School: guided tour John Körmeling

as part of: 'Orban Space: Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office'

Sunday 10 March 2013, 3 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Reservations not needed

Stroom School is the umbrella term for the side program accompanying exhibitions. In the Stroom School, the themes are highlighted and more profoundly explored. The Stroom School around Orban Space: Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office includes guided tours of the exhibition, lectures and workshops. Survey Stroom School activities.

This afternoon artist and architect John Körmeling will give a guided tour of the exhibition Orban Space: Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office. Körmeling is known for the work Happy Street (World Expo Shanghai 2010), the square-shaped car, the house on a roundabout and his constantly growing collection of great ideas. During this guided tour John Körmeling will share with us his fascination for the work of Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office. The way they work shows many similarities, although Körmeling's aproach is a bit more lighthearted. How does he interpret Orban Space?

John Körmeling during his guided tour at Stroom
John Körmeling
photo: courtesy the artist
John Körmeling, 'Happy Street', World Expo Shanghai 2010
photo: courtesy the artist