Stroom School: United We Work

part of 'United We'

Saturday 13 April 2013, 5 pm
Locatie: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Entrance free. Reservations not needed
Opening program of United We

United We Work is the festive opening program of United We with short statements by and about various forms of working as a collective. This way Stroom wants to highlight the diversity of collective organizations and show why people choose to work together in these kinds of collaborations, what it brings them and how it actually works.


Broodfonds (Bread Fund)
The Bread Fund is a disability insurance for self-employed workers. A reliable and affordable alternative for a regular insurance. As a member you have control over your money and the way the fund is managed. The Bread Fund works by means of donations. When someone is ill, the other members give him/her a sum of money, in order to cover basic living expenses. The members themselves are responsible for the implementation. The money you deposit in your own bread fund account belongs to you, after a deduction for donations and administration. You can start a Bread Fund group with 20 self-employed workers in your network. A group of 40 members is more ideal in order to create a solid organization that is able to support more than one disabled member simultaneously. (in Dutch)

TAAK: cooperation
TAAK is an international platform that develops innovative art and educational programs about social issues like ecology, urbanity, social design and human rights. TAAK places topics that are socially important on the agenda and develops innovative strategies and perspectives that affect the ever-changing world we live in. TAAK wants to stimulate people to engage themselves and to participate actively. In accordance with this ambition TAAK is set up as a cooperation. Everybody who wants to be actively involved, can become a member. Members have a right to vote during general meetings. More information about this will be available soon. (mostly in Dutch)

1646: artists' collective
1646 is a project space for contemporary art. A dedicated space for experimental art practices and ideas, 1646 is a platform for new productions and presentations with special emphasis on encouraging artists to realise new projects on location. Next to a year-long program of exhibitions, 1646 hosts artists talks, video screenings and lectures and runs a short-term residency for foreign artists and curators.

Pander Woongroep (Community)
Pander belongs to us all. All adult residents and people who rent a business space are members of the Vereniging Wonen Werken Pander (Association Working Living Pander) and thereby are co-owners of the Pander complex. Pander is made up of a variety of accomodations for working and living: housing for people over fifty, community living (e.g. for students), singles, families with children, artists, architects, accountants and tradesmen, journalists and designers, studios, shops and small businesses. It is this unique mix that makes Pander so special. Pander is completely dependent on the commitment of the people who live and work there. Many people see the work they do for Pander as a possibility to be active in their community. This can be done in a variety of ways, not everyone has the same amount of time or energy to invest. This commitment by its residents is crucial to make Pander's self-government possible. People who want to move in are asked to think hard if Pander really suits them. Because a lot is expected from you. It is something you actually commit to when you sign the lease.

FNV Kiem: labour union
FNV KIEM is a professional organization that represents the interests of its members in the field of work and income. The members are employees, freelancers and self-employed people working in the creative industry. They arrange corporate matters, such as collective employment agreements. FNV KIEM also provides personal advice. This free advice - regularly updated to current events - is available for all members and easy to use and find.

BLIJstroom: energy cooperation
BLIJstroom is an association in formation. Founded by enthousiastic residents of Rotterdam Noord, it aims to develop into the BLIJstroom cooperation. Their aim is to contribute to a healthy and pleasant future and to make Rotterdam Noord completely self-sufficient as far as its energy supply is concerned. In order to keep the energy supply secure, they will collaborate with major players in the field. The energy they cannot generate themselves will be bought collectively, at a good price. The money that is left will be used to build up a collective capital. They don't mind making money off their own energy, as it will be re-invested in their own neighbourhood. Members of BLIJstroom can propose projects they want to invest the profits in. During the annual general meeting members of BLIJstroom can discuss and decide these matters. The chosen projects are carried out by local businesses, and thereby promote the local economy.

Rabobank: cooperative bank
The Rabobank (Cooperative Central Raiffeisen-Agricultural Cooperative Bank B.A) (cooperation) is a Dutch bank, made up of 139 (2012) independent cooperations (Member Banks) that all have their own banking licence issued by De Nederlandsche Bank. The Rabobank is part of the Rabobank Group.

Order of Freemasons

"Freemasonry offers contemporary men a method of achieving personal meaning and an ethical attitude. Using symbols,  experiencing and sharing rituals, a path of personal growth and development is revealed to the conscious living man. This path teaches him how to position himself in relation, to himself,  to others and to that which he accepts to be the guiding power in his life.  The Freemason visualises himself as a symbolic rough ashlar, a stone, which needs to be formed to assume its place - his place - within society. A society which he visualises as an unfinished building."
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