Zefir7: New Signatures 2021

Tuesday 21 September 2021, 20.30 hrs
(doors open at 20:00 hrs)
Limited number of seats, so come early!
Location: The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague
Language: English

Zefir7 is the Monthly Designers Café in collaboration with BNO. This time the annual presentation of  the most talented graduates is on location at The Grey Space in The Middle.

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Elza Berzina
Elza Berzina (product design ArteZ) is from a place where there are far more trees than people. With such a background it is common to have a mutual understanding with forests. This phenomenon is becoming ever more exceptional, particularly in our region. In her project FOREST 5X5 she offers the opportunity for your mind to re-establish interspecies relationships ‘by facilitating bodily sensations and gaining physical empathy towards a forest'. She does so thoroughly in quite a surprising way. It involves no sentimentality. Here we have true choreographic identification and a breath of fresh air.

Oriane Palacio
Los Que Faltan - recuerdos de ausencias
(The missing ones - memories of absences/Ceux qui manquent - mémoires d'absences) is a multilingual book retracing a part of Argentina's history, focusing on the question of identity, in a global and individual sense. Argentina is characterized by its numerous waves of immigration and emigration, the latter as a result of the dictatorship in the 1970s, which has caused a trauma in the country's identity, and remains problematic for the members of its diaspora today. Through texts, documents and testimonials, this book explores three different points of view: from a very global one, at the scale of the whole country, narrowed down to my family's experience and their exile in France, that was documented through papers and pictures, to a very personal first-hand recounting of the events, gathered through interviews of several members of my family. This book is in Spanish, French and English, as it is a testimonial of a divided identity between different countries and people, and a journey through time and space. It aims to bring light to the experiences of a few individuals as a reflection of the thousands of lives that were impacted by these events, and the (internal) conflicts it has brought on a global and individual scale.
Soyun Park
Wunderkammer 10.0

Patching together fragmented memories, the artificially-intelligent protagonist takes us through a virtual world based on reality. Wunderkammer 10.0 is a short audio-visual sci-fi film that depicts inequality in terms of asymmetrical access to data, the glorification of economic growth, and conflicting ideologies caused by globalisation. With the motto of ‘fiction as practice', the project aims to reveal problems inherent to technology-driven societies that are subject to the powerful influence of monopolistic tech corporations.
This project is made in collaboration with Inwoo Jung and Yelim Ki.

Valter Törsleff
"As the sun rises behind a tree, its final rays perforate the back wall of their living room. This only happens in late June, my mother told me, and so every morning the tree outside our house moves in as the sun rays filter through the thin maple leaves.
This project is a reconstruction of several spatial memories through lighting. In the intersecting and rebuilt domestic settings, the white sealed off room further intensifies the experience of light. The light fixtures mounted inside the walls recreate a specific time and space in my memory.
Each of the installations is a staging of an experience that creates a rift in time. These fleeting moments are permanently looped like an infinite distortion of a personal perception of a space. It is a memory not rooted within consciousness, but embodied in (or maybe even somewhere between) shadows and light."

Vladimir Vidanovski
What are you looking for?

Sometimes I look for comfort in the digital memorabilia buried deep in my old hard drives. The realities that these images open up seem sweeter than my very own. My first digital drawings, computer games, family photos and video, pixelated video logs, low-quality voice recordings, PowerPoint presentations - all giving me a strange conflicting feeling of serenity that comes with memories, and the confrontation of my own existence. Knowingly accepting time's passage, while staring right at its proof. As an attempt to reconnect to my inner child, I started revisiting my old computer files, when a narrative started to emerge. Each file became a building block, a jigsaw piece, allowing me to assemble the puzzle that is my screen-based upbringing. Along the way, I explored the ways media has affected my own childhood, in order to recognise its wider influence. The final result is a story that floats in the in-between space of my dreams and reality, truth and fantasy, the virtual and the real. An extension of the narrative I seem to have started long ago.
Fynn van der Ziel
(Academie Minerva Groningen)
Bewogen Woerde

The flat country. There, in a ramshackle farm, lives a young man: Dwon. His only roommate, a well-muscled guy, props up the ceiling with his arms and makes sure it doesn't collapse.
One day the house is examined. The official and his measuring system come to assess the damage. But unfortunately, after a confrontation between Dwon and the system, the investigation seems to be falling apart.
An absurd drama about a shocking house.
Visual research into the past/present of the earthquake problem in the north of the Netherlands and Dutch gas extraction provides a certain insight into its absurd reality. To make things worse; this reality cannot be disconnected from the energy transition within the larger climate crisis, making the case a festering open wound for everyone involved.
In an attempt to render the big story a little smaller and more comprehensible, illustrator Fynn van der Ziel listened to the victim's experiences about the failing bureaucracy that sometimes seems to forget there are actual people living in the crumbling houses. His work revolves around these stories, making the problems visual.

Design visual: Stefaniia Bodnia

Zefir7: New Signatures
photo: design: Stefaniia Bodnia
Elza Berzina, 'Forest 5x5'
photo: courtesy the artist
Soyun Park, 'Soyun Park WK 10.0' (screenshot)
photo: courtesy the artist
Valter Törsleff, 'untitled'
photo: courtesy the artist
Vladimir Vidanovski
photo: courtesy the artist