Performance Night 'Klof: Bario di Spiritu'

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Vrijdag 26 november, 19:00-22:00 (doorlopend performance-programma)
Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag
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Een doorlopend performance-programma rond de tentoonstelling Klof: Bario di Spiritu van Kevin Osepa, over en met rituele praktijken . Met nieuwe performances van Eugenie Boon, Travis Geertruida en Guenn Gustina, drie jonge kunstenaars die reageren op de werken in de tentoonstelling.

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met uitgebreide informatie over de performances

Eugenie Boon
Pega Saya i e spiritu nan ku a forme
(Pega Saya & The Spirits that formed her)

Eugenie Boon is an artist and performer who explores her character of Pega Saya. Pega Saya is the youngest child of Kompa Nanzi, also known as Anansi, a central character to Caribbean folklore. In this performance, Boon expands her embodiment of the character Pega Saya to encompass four bodies, after the four main cultures that shaped the millennial generation on Curac?ao. Each performer represents one of these influences: Dutch, American, Spanish, and West African, each with their own cultural symbols, rituals and costumes.

Travis Geertruida
Luna Nobo: Preparing for a New Moon
Travis Geertruida is a writer and performance artist who explores the role that narratives play in the expression of culture and identity. In his performance, visitors are invited to participate in a ritual of cleansing and renewal. The ritual is centred around the Ofrenda, a sculpture representing the sea and the ancestors. Visitors are invited to step into the circle surrounding the Ofrenda, and join the performer The Pink Spirit in finding renewed energy for a new cycle of time.

Guenn Ramon Gustina
No bin buska, (unda ba hañami)
Don't come searching (where did you find me)

Guenn Ramon Gustina is a sculptor and a poet. Central to his practice is the notion of the ‘capsule', a visualization of an event or experience that creates a new image. In his performance the audience is invited to several sculptural scenarios, where performers are retreating into hiding spaces. Key to the performance is the idea of ‘the presence of absence'; something here wants you to know that it needs to be unseen.

Klof: Bario di Spiritu is een multi-media installatie over Klof, een met bomen omzoomde straat op Curaçao, waarvan wordt gezegd dat hij door geesten wordt bezocht.
Presentatie in samenwerking met het Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund.

Performance evening 'Klof: Bario di Spiritu': Eugenie Boon
foto: Sharon Jane, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Performance evening 'Klof: Bario di Spiritu': Travis Geertruida
foto: Sharon Jane, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Performance evening 'Klof: Bario di Spiritu': Guenn Gustina
foto: Sharon Jane, courtesy Stroom Den Haag