Zefir7: Alice Wong & Pleun van Dijk

Deconstructing Truth

Thursday 8 March 2018, 20:30 hrs
(doors open: 20 hrs)
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Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Language spoken: English
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Zefir7 is the Monthly Designers Café at Stroom Den Haag i.c.w. BNO Kring Groot Den Haag.

This time the presentation Deconstructing Truth by Alice Wong & Pleun van Dijk. Including a screening of Alice Wong's award winning short film Reconstructing Reality.

Every moment in history can be seen as a crossing. There is only one way from the past to the present but an infinite amount of different pathways towards a future. By deconstructing and reconstructing the existing Alice Wong and Pleun van Dijk attempt to demonstrate in which way perspectives on truth are shaped and in constant change. They unfold the complexity from tangible body to intangible reality.

Alice Wong
Alice Wong is an Information Designer & Storyteller, enjoys creative research and translates complex information into shareable narratives. She investigates how different ways of storytelling contribute to the continuous change of our perception of reality. Alice won several awards with her graduation film Reconstructing Reality. The film will be screened at Zefir7. Awards include: Netherlands Film Festical 2016, The Dioraphte Award; Hamburg Film Festival 2017, Best Film Editing Award; 6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival2017, Best Film Editing Award. Nederlands Film Festival, Juryrapport NFF Student competition:
"It is a skillfully edited depiction of a personal reality with stolen images, an adventurous journey through our collective film memory that engages the viewer from beginning to end. Sometimes the carefully chosen images create a distance, and at other instances they magically bring about emotions. Consequently the film can't help but captivate the viewer. The filmmaker found a way to make a personal story rise above the level of personal perception. The movie plays with the medium of film in a way the jury has never seen before. A unique graduation film."

Pleun van Dijk
With her eyes wide open Pleun is a young multidisciplinary artist/designer in the middle of the moving and changing world. By observing and analyzing moments of transition within society she tries to create new thoughts and show a different perspective on the topic at hand. By taking new ideas out of the abstract and giving shape to a possible outcome she wants to give the viewer the possibility to anticipate on new developments before they sneak upon us.
About her project Reborn
Up until now, designers have been mainly involved in shaping the world around us. Currently mankind becomes easier to understand, analyze and unravel. Designers intervene deeper into biomedical processes. We repair what is damaged, replace broken body parts and change our looks till they fit our desire. As a result we seem to hold the key to perfection and gradually change into designed human beings. Now that we have improved our skill to deconstruct the human, the question is rising whether we are also capable of reconstructing ourselves? When we literally disassemble the human and present it as a modular system, we are faced with impossible choices. With her graduation project entitled Reborn, Pleun wants to provide a platform for these ethical questions, stimulate reflection and enter into a dialogue with the viewer.
Her installation Reborn will be exhibited at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, June 2018.

Excerpt - Reconstructing Reality from missalicewong on Vimeo.

Zefir7: Alice Wong & Pleun van Dijk
photo: © Glitterstudio (Jana Blom en Caitlin Berner)
Alice Wong, 'Reconstructing Reality'
photo: courtesy the artist
Alice Wong, 'Reconstructing Reality'
photo: courtesy the artist
Pleun van Dijk, 'Reborn', 2017
photo: courtesy the artist