Public program 'Positions: Situated' (1)

with Annemarie Wadlow & Hannah Dawn Henderson

Thursday 24 March 2022, 19:30-21:30
Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Entrance: free
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Positions: Situated are two events in conjuncture with the exhibition Positions: Time-Based, that present context, references, or archive material related to the work of the artists in the exhibition. At these events, each artist has the opportunity to provide a situated context for the work they are showing, taking the form of performances, lectures by invited speakers, and screenings.

On Thursday 24 March we host positions relating to the film I've to think not twice, but twice twice by Annemarie Wadlow and the film Testimony by Hannah Dawn Henderson. Both works take a careful observational approach to uncover complicated histories of migration, that bear on the way in which the current social body is constructed. Another commonality is Chantal Akerman, the filmmaker who has been a great influence both in terms of style and content for Wadlow and Henderson. They will each be discussing and showing the relation between their approach to filmmaking with Akerman's.

Annemarie Wadlow
Annemarie Wadlow will give a contextual lecture on her film I've to think not twice, but twice twice. In her lecture, Wadlow will share her research into her grandfather's extensive archive of manuscripts, letters, diaries, and photographs, and the methods by which she has sought to incorporate these material into a film that relates to diasporic identity, lineage, and belonging.
In this lecture, Wadlow builds on the references that she sees as building blocks to her practice at large, and the making of this film in particular. She relates the film to references as varied as art historian Griselda Pollock's book After Effects | After Images; the W. G. Sebald novel Austerlitz; as well as video works by Jonas Mekas and Chantal Akerman.

Hannah Dawn Henderson
Hannah Dawn Henderson will present a prose-essay on her film Testament and the extensive research that accompanied its making. Testament paints a poetic picture of the Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam. The neighbourhood's urban landscape embeds three events that point towards its its past, present and prospective future. These events are: 1) the creation of the neighbourhood and the naming of its streets, 2) the 1972 riots that saw a violent eruption of xenophobia underpinned by economic deprivation, and 3) the forthcoming renovation of Tweebos, an area within the wider neighbourhood which will entail the displacement of current residents per the demolition of social housing. In light of this research, Henderson will speak to how the film relates to the recurring motifs and thematics in her work, such as displacement and diaspora.

Positions: Time-Based
The exhibition Positions: Time-Based presents video work by five artists who are situated in an international context: Eliane Esther Bots, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Karel van Laere, Tineke van Veen & Barbara Prezelj, and Annemarie Wadlow. Responding to issues on a national as well as international level, the artists invite the audience to explore their position with regards to current affairs.

This exhibition is made possible by the kind support of The City of The Hague.

Installation shot at Stroom: Annemarie Wadlow, 'I've to think not twice, but twice twice'
photo: Naomi Moonlion, courtesy Stroom Den haag
Installation shot at Stroom: Hannah Dawn Henderson, 'Testament'
photo: Naomi Moonlion, courtesy Stroom Den haag
Hannah Dawn Henderson, 'Testament'
photo: courtesy the artist