OpZicht: Juliaan Andeweg

'Finna Leave The House/Finna Go To The Studio'

16 April - 23 May 2014
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Monday-Friday, 11 am-5 pm; Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon-5 pm

Reaction Stroom concerning reporting NRC Handelsblad (dd. 31 October 2020) on serious accusations of sexual misconduct in the world of the visual arts and specifically the artist Juliaan Andeweg >> read here.

OpZicht is a presentation space in the lobby of Stroom Den Haag for newly registered artists from The Hague. The wall unit functions as a stand or platform where the artist can share his or her work, passion or interest with the audience. Each presentation runs for approximately 6 weeks.
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Text by Juliaan Andeweg himself:
I'm interested in the effect of space and matter and the creation of representations of immanent ideas. My works serve as separation of space, but at the same time they create new space and spatial experience. The different shapes and materials, including epoxy, plastics, resins and fiberglass, but also pigments and powders are used as a reference to alchemical processes. The interaction between materials and the different forms they may assume are addressed and the relationship between raw materials and finished products examined. As is the spatial effect and meaning of objects in the framing and opening of a passive activity in which light plays an important role.

The works are made in series that contain a series of comparable elements, and record a process involving studies of minimal art, imminent points of reference, the surface of contemporary culture and in depth practice of middle-European occultism. My artistic practice is motivated by a previous encounter with immanent projection of void as such.
I search to make the empty surface, that so often appears in art as a presentation, serve as a representation. In this case of the immanent projections of this "sea of empty" that I came to know during my studies of alchemy and Art.

Representation always infers a distance form, and difference to the referent, however distant and different from the encounters with immanent projection of void the works do mirror these encounters. While staring into immanent depth I experience a great aspiration for immaterial growth, I would say this aspiration feels vertical. The surfaces of my abstract, often monochrome paintings are folded, pleaded or bent vertically to represent exactly that aspiration. By these means the upper and lower edge of paintings, the horizontal line, are put to the test. It undergoes the transition from 2-D to 3-D by ways of bending, folding, pleating the surface. I loathe the horizontal line for its earthbound qualities. It ties me to the floor, suffocates me. In my work I have banned it from my practice. My aspiration is vertical, like the direction in which the sword of Michael is held.

For Stroom Den Haag I have made a series of drawings while at home (From The House). I have also brought some of my books from my home and I have gathered raw materials from my studio (Outta The Studio) to show in the OpZicht space.

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Source of inspiration
The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz. Anno 1459 (pdf)

OpZicht: Juliaan Andeweg
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag
OpZicht: Juliaan Andeweg
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag
OpZicht: Juliaan Andeweg
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag