Ondertussen: Gino Anthonisse and Christa van der Meer

9 September - 5 November 2017
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Monday - Friday: 11-17 hrs; Saturday and Sunday: 12-17 hrs

Gino Anthonisse
and Christa van der Meer are two of the co-founders of fashion and design collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. In 2016 they both (independently) received a PRO Invest subsidy to stimulate the further development of their individual work and artistic careers.

The work period of Christa van der Meer was driven by her great curiosity for the concept of fashion and everything around it. The clothes you wear enable you to express yourself, to show your identity, to distinguish yourself, to show off, or to do exactly the opposite. Christa started wondering in what way the clothes we wear are connected to our identity. If clothes are not worn by a person but by an object, can they still be an expression of identity? And how does this relate to fashion? She explored these questions in her new collection ‘Creamy Dream'.
In Ondertussen Christa van der Meer shows a ‘blow-up' she created to investigate human proportions, volumes and movement in objects.

The motivation behind Gino Anthonisse's work is his quest for wonder, which he tries to bring to life through his collages and designs. By combining classic garments with unusual materials and ethnic elements in an associative and intuitive way, he questions the conventions of the fashion world and materializes his surreal designs.
During the past year Gino Anthonisse has focused his attention on the research and mastering of the art of origami, a Japanese paper folding technique. Gino developed a technique to design clothing by folding, without using a sowing machine - the work is constructed entirely through folding.
In Ondertussen Gino Anthonisse presents his research of materials and the results.


The Ondertussen space links Stroom's exhibition program to its enabling policy for artists. This policy aims to strengthen and improve the visibility of The Hague's artistic climate. Presentations in Ondertussen are usually the result of subsidies provided by Stroom, but can also show the results of mediation by Stroom or of other stimulating activities. The presentations are intended to illustrate the diversity of the grant applications and the positive effect of our enabling policy for artists. The presentations can vary from (interim) reports of (research) projects and residencies to network presentations. The Ondertussen presentation is the responsibility of the applicant.

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Gino Anthonisse (model Noah @ menfolkmanagement)
photo: Lisandro Suriel
Christa van der Meer, 'Creamy Dream'
photo: Verena Blok