Window presentation: Green Offshores

21 March - 26 August 2018
Location: window
Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9
On view: 24/7 from the street

Part of See You in The Hague, a multifaceted narrative about the ambitions and reality of The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice.

The urban identity of The Hague is linked to the United Nations' supra-national political project. From the Peace Palace to the International Criminal Court the city's architecture materializes the evolution of Western dominant values.
While classic narratives highlight The Hague's urban and economic development in relation to international diplomacy and peace, the city's prosperity has also been due to global trade, ranging from colonial plantations to today's defence industry.

Green Offshores is an archive and installation by researcher and designer Lodovica Guarnieri which retraces the influence of these economies on the spatial depiction of "Peace and Justice". From the Japanese rhododendrons in the garden of the Peace Palace to the dunes surrounding the International Criminal Court, the work journeys through the entanglements of the aesthetic representations of Peace in the propaganda of colonial and neo-colonial forms of domination.

The aim is to present a different story of The Hague and therefore de-colonize our unquestioned positive reading of Peace and the politics that sustain it.

About Lodovica Guarnieri
Lodovica Guarnieri is a researcher and designer working at the intersection between design, history and politics. Her practice-based research unfolds the connections between culture and economy in order to unveil hidden power relationships within our built environment.
Lodovica's work merges documentary and conceptual discourses and employs design as a means for both sociological inquiry and the creation of sensitive and spatial forms of poetic storytelling (videos, installations and performances).

Green Offshores
is made possible thanks to Creative Industries Fund NL

'Green Offshores' by Lodovica Guarnieri
'Green Offshores' by Lodovica Guarnieri
'Green Offshores' by Lodovica Guarnieri
See You in The Hague
photo: graphic design: Autobahn