US: There, There: WALK

Vrijdag 8 oktober 2021, 15:00-18:00

Experimentele wandeling door Den Haag, met bijdragen van Slutty Urbanism & Katarina Petrovic
Reserveren: de wandeling is VOL
Voertaal: Engels
Deze wandeling is onderdeel van US: There, There

Join us on a walking tour through The Hague with interventions that tilt our views - from the mechanical, mapped sites we tend to use as the city, to other visions and timelines that harbour compelling historical distances, as well as present-day power structures. The tour is in English, with contributions by artist Katarina Petrovic and the collective Slutty Urbanism.
The tour's starting point is revealed upon registering via

The experimental "Walking" tour through The Hague is intended to be accessible for different types of physical mobility. The tour is planned to include walks of different stretches and intervals and will take to wheelchair accessible spaces. For some, one way to limit the physical impact of the walk is to bring a bike. To create the best possible experience for everyone, please let us know when you sign up if you may have any needs, preferences or questions that can help us increase accessibility.

US: There, There - WALK
foto: design: The Rodina