Ondertussen: Sissel Marie Tonn

15 July - 3 September 2017
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Monday - Friday: 11-17 hrs; Saturday and Sunday: 12-17 uur

In Ondertussen, artist Sissel Marie Tonn presents works from a diverse and ongoing research into the subject of sensory perception, with a focus on perceiving change. The starting point for the research was looking into instances where environmental change (specifically the man-made earthquakes in Groningen) affords an increased awareness, or ‘attunement', to one's immediate surroundings.

Through her work Sissel Marie Tonn speculates upon how these reactions to environments undergoing change might expose the psychological, sensory and perceptual challenges that we face in a future of climate change.

Recently the work has moved into the fundamental role of change in embodied mechanisms of perception. To make things more concrete, Sissel has constructed a sculptural ‘outline' of the body to animate the space between her skin and the surrounding environment. Categorizing this space as a new speculative species, ‘Escargotapien', she wants to address the question: where does my body end and where do the surroundings begin?

Always finding herself in the middle, Sissel Marie Tonn seeks help from extreme runners, a French poet obsessing over snails, the subtle changes in humidity and temperature at Stroom, friends, and an eccentric couple aiming to defy death through architecture.

For her research project, Sissel Marie Tonn received a PRO Onderzoek grant in 2015.


The Ondertussen space links Stroom's exhibition program to its enabling policy for artists. This policy aims to strengthen and improve the visibility of The Hague's artistic climate. Presentations in Ondertussen are usually the result of subsidies provided by Stroom, but can also show the results of mediation by Stroom or of other stimulating activities. The presentations are intended to illustrate the diversity of the grant applications and the positive effect of our enabling policy for artists. The presentations can vary from (interim) reports of (research) projects and residencies to network presentations. The Ondertussen presentation is the responsibility of the applicant.

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